Our movement is aimed at one thing: saving the planet through resource-management.

The fashion industry is the third leading cause of global warming, making it one of the most environmentally destructive sectors.

It takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton t-shirt. This means that a t-shirts carbon footprint is approximately 20 times its’ own weight!

378 billion liters of water are used each year in the global textile industry. B I l l I o n. To even count to one billion, would take 95 years. One billion years ago, the continents hadn’t drifted yet and the earth’s landmasses still formed one huge supercontinent called pangea.

Waste from dyes is typically dumped into our rivers, which then spreads into our oceans, and destroys our planet. Over half a trillion gallons of fresh water are used in the dyeing of textiles each year. T r I l l I o n. Half a trillion years ago, the big-bang hadn’t happened yet and the entire known universe was condensed into one single tiny ball of matter.

Using recycled fibers saves 10,000 liters of water per pound of cotton. This is why our clothing is made solely from 100% recycled and reused fabrics, sweatshop-free, in the u.S. On top of that, our clothes are dyed through a brand new process called kinetic colorization, a printing technique which is virtually waterless. In coming years, we plan on building our own 100% solar-powered facility, fulfilling our mission to zero emission.

As a new company trailblazing a path for an inexistent industry, we are constantly being faced with obstacles – but with every new customer, we get a little further on our quest to become the most sustainable clothing company in the world.

We are one but we are many

We are,


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